Ambassador Program – Essence Beads

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Ambassador Program



How do I get started?

- Email us telling us that you're interested and we'll get you set up in no time!


What if I don't have good quality pictures to post?

- You can use any of our pictures from our website and social media pages!


How do I get paid?

- We will pay you 15% of any sales made with you code via PayPal. You can set up and account in a couple of minutes. 


I'm finding it hard to get sales, how do I increase my sales?

- The easiest way to make money is to encourage your friends to purchase and use your code!




Want to get paid to promote our products? 

Share pictures of our bracelets and your personalized discount code to your friends & followers. 

You'll get paid 15% of any sale made with your discount code! How awesome is that? 



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